Frank Pinto

Frank Pinto

Name: Frank Pinto

Title: Project Engineer

Project Experience: Frank Pinto is a wonderful addition to the team. Before becoming a Project Engineer for Liles, Frank had a decade of experience in dock building, flooring, and then found a passion working as a low-voltage engineer in IT.

More about Frank: Frank and his wife Anna purchased a home in Concord a few years ago, and they love taking walks around the historic downtown community with their children. His wife is also the owner of “Press and Porter,” a coffee shop on Union Street in Concord.

His family also has three dogs, and even a bearded dragon named “Bacon.” When he’s not working for Liles, you might find him camping in the woods, riding dirt bikes, or cooking up something delicious. We’re lucky to have Frank on our team, and we hope to get to sample some of Frank’s culinary skills soon!

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