Donnie Bowden

Donnie Bowden

Name: Donnie Bowden

Title: Superintendent

We are lucky to have Donnie Bowden join our team. As a Superintendent for Liles, Donnie brings 21 years of extensive experience building custom homes, as well as in adaptive reuse commercial construction.

Donnie is also certified as a North and South Carolina Erosion, Sediment and Stormwater Inspector (also known as a CESSWI).

Originally from San Jose, California, he now lives in Concord with his two children, and their many pets including three dogs, a cat, two rabbits, two ferrets, one chameleon, and a rat! In his spare time, Donnie enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping, golf and DIY projects. Thanks Donnie for being a part of the Liles Construction family!

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