Jake Haire

Jake Haire

We’re thrilled to have Jake Haire join our team as a Project Engineer for Liles. Jake brings five years of construction experience and a host of fascinating construction jobs from around the globe. He’s done everything from installing renewable energy sources in off-grid communities in the Peruvian Andes to working as an estimator on a public school consolidation project in the US Virgin Islands.

Jake also brings certifications in OSHA 30 and C.M.I.T. 1. He is a member of the CMAA (Construction Managers Association of America) as well as the IAPA (International Association of Parks and Attractions).

In addition to acquiring his Federal Drone Pilot’s License, Jake also earned his bachelor's degree in Building Science with a Concentration in Construction Management from Appalachian State University.

When Jake is not working for Liles, you’ll find him hunting, fishing, playing with his dogs and cat, and volunteer firefighting. Jake lives in his hometown of Woodleaf, NC.

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